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  1. Tone the core-stabilizing abdominal muscles by using body weight

    How to strengthen the rectus abdominis in a way to help prevent back pain or muscle strain.

    There are many exercises that can help target the rectus abdominis, including: Plank. This exercise is a good way to target your abdominal muscles from the front, even though you may not necessarily be facing your legs.

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    Side lunge …

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  2. How to do some stuff with a rope

    The rope is made up of pieces of rope that are twisted around each other, including a handle.

    We have a loop, two sets of knots, and a single knot at the end. The rope is used by the rope jumper with a tight draw. That is, there is less than one inch on the end …

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  3. Lower-body unilateral exercise single-leg movements to engage your stabilizing muscles

    Upright Plank: The first three postures listed are used for standing exercises.

    If you are doing an exercise on the floor, use the first three positions to get into a neutral position. In addition to training your balance, you can also practice your abdominal muscles. Standing Back Lunge: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your …

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