Believe you can train and you will be training and learning

For all the people who believe the opposite, I think you are full of shit. One of the most important questions we should always ask ourselves first is, “Can we train?”

I am a great proponent of learning and training to get better, faster and stronger. When it comes to training, we have three options for “can we train”: 1) Can we train for someone else? Not really. Because, you can’t train for someone else. 2) Can we train for ourselves? Sure we can, but that is a little different. Because, you can’t train for yourself. 3) Can we train for our community? Yes, absolutely, but I think it depends on what is most comfortable for you.

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All three are valuable. I prefer option #2 for the reason that it is always going to be challenging. Maybe it is challenging for you. Perhaps it will be challenging to be a good teacher. But at the end of the day, you can be a good teacher. I am a great teacher. Some things are just not worth training for. There is no way to train for your spouse. There is no way to train for your dog. The first and most important thing I need to do with you is to let you know that you can never train for your teacher, or your pastor, your boss, your parents, you can never train for anyone. You can only train for yourself. And I am not saying you can’t train with anyone because you are a great trainer. We are all great trainers. But the thing about being a great trainer is that we have to be able to teach.

your school

For example, this morning I was a great trainer. I was able to make you, your parents, your teachers and all of the teachers in your school, a better teacher. But I was not a great teacher. I don’t want to make you feel that you have to work. I want you to know that all you have to do is come to class and do the things that matter to you. And that is how you will be a better teacher.