Consistent hard jump ropeing leads to success

Success will jump by. What matters most is that you jump.

I’ve been practicing jumping rope for the past few years. The first time I did it I had the sense of a new life. I remember jumping across the parking lot and running after the ball on the field where I had just caught the bouncing ball. This first memory is very vivid.

🤶🏿 🍩 💪

For me at least, it’s the moment of my life when my first real passion began. When I was about 10 years old my family moved to California and my dad bought a small house on a hill in Oakland. I became close friends with my dad and in the evenings I would help him with building projects. I remember one time, when I was maybe 11 years old or 12, I was building my dad a new living room. The walls were thin and I was able to make the room look nice. I was happy because the project was fun and the walls looked good. It was so good I didn’t notice until I was trying to climb up the ladder on the other side of the yard. That moment happened on an evening when I was playing with my friend, Michael. After we got done playing we began to jump rope again. I knew that if I fell off that ladder it was over. I jumped off the ladder and started running. In that moment I got my new life. My dad stopped me and told me to stop and return to the yard. The yard was a good place to make sure no one could see me. It was the best place for me to practice how to jump rope.

basketball player

I jumped off the ladder again. This time it was over too quickly and I slid down the room. This would have ended the life of any teenager, but it didn’t. I didn’t care because I was playing basketball and it was all I was ever gonna be. I felt like if I didn’t become a basketball player then I would be something less than nothing. I knew I had to be one way or the other. I had to become something or I would be nothing. I was on a journey and knew I needed to make my mark. I don’t think I realized the full impact of what I was doing until I heard the comment “Don’t you get upset when someone jumps off the thing?” I responded with a couple of double-unders!