Tone the core-stabilizing abdominal muscles by using body weight

How to strengthen the rectus abdominis in a way to help prevent back pain or muscle strain.

There are many exercises that can help target the rectus abdominis, including: Plank. This exercise is a good way to target your abdominal muscles from the front, even though you may not necessarily be facing your legs.

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Side lunge. To target your abs, you can perform this exercise on your side. You can also do this exercise on the side with the small of your back supported by a wall. You can do this exercise on your back. For more information on abdominal training, check out our article about Core Training.

Gluteus Maximus

Stretches for the Gluteus Maximus. Stretches that target the gluteus medius can help prevent and relieve leg strain or pain that can occur when you run or lift weights. Gluteus medius, or the gluteus minor, is primarily responsible for your hip and the lower back. It plays a role in stabilizing the pelvis and hip, protecting the hip joint, as well as increasing bone density, providing mass for the pelvis and the low back. It also helps you sit up straight, and it works with the gluteus maximus, the muscle that helps you sit up straight.